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Packaging is important in the success of your product, and eye-catching packaging will effectively stand out to your customers!

Packaging quality is not only essential for protecting your product from damages during transit, but also for the health and safety of your customers. At TCM Product, we offer a variety of high-quality packaging options including:

  • Bottles
  • Jars
  • Display Boxes
  • Blister Foils
  • Foil Pouches
  • Stand-Up Pouches
  • Stick Packets
  • Single-Serve Packages

Proper packaging and labeling of your health supplement has the potential to tip an all-important sale in your favor. As well, it carries several other distinct advantages:


  • Protects - the right packaging will safeguard your product from the environment as well as inadvertent damage during transit. An attractive design coupled with durable materials will keep your items in pristine condition for the store shelves.

  • Complies - from a compliance stand-point, proper labeling of a health supplement shows your company is up-to-date with industry regulations. Federal guidelines dictate many aspects of a product label and it is crucial we adhere to these rulings.

  • Promotes - when your product design, packaging and supplement information come together, it should appeal to your target demographic as well as convey your brand's image. In a limited amount of space, all required information must be displayed and seamlessly merged with the label design to create a look that is uniquely yours.

Concrete Wall

Other Packaging Options

To meet our customers' growing demands, our company offers a variety of ways to package your product. If the packaging option you are looking for is not listed here or if you have any other questions regarding any of our services, please contact us with your inquiry!

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