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Bottling is the process of filling bottles with content; whether it's tablets or capsules. Bottles are available in different shapes and sizes. Expiration Dates and Lot Numbers can be printed in clear lettering on the bottom of your bottle as well.

Below are two common examples of bottle types but are not the only types available*:

  • HDPE Bottles (High Density Polyethylene bottles) – These bottles are naturally opaque and resilient at protecting its contents even at below freezing temperatures.

  • PET/PETE Bottles (Polyethylene Terephthalate) - This type of bottle is known for its glossy exterior and provides the consumer with a clear view of the product


Caps are used to seal openings of bottles and come in a variety of different sizes and colors. With a variety of customization, TCM Product provides many options to crown the top of your product.

Below are two common examples of twist-off cap types but are not the only types of caps available*:

  • Regular Caps - Standard caps provide you with a cap that is ideal to meet the needs of sealing your product. With many different colors and styles, you have the choice of choosing which top is best suited for your product! To ensure the safety of your customers, we offer the option of including tamper evident seals and/or neckbands.

  • CRC Caps (Child Resistant Caps) - Ideal for when your product may need a little more protection than a regular cap. TCM Product offers these caps with customization options as well as tamper evident seals to ensure the safety of customers.

*TCM Product offers many other cap and bottle styles! Looking for something specific? Let us know! Our representatives will be happy to answer your questions!

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Other Packaging Options

To meet our customers' growing demands, our company offers a variety of ways to package your product. If the packaging option you are looking for is not listed here or if you have any other questions regarding any of our services, please contact us with your inquiry!

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