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Other Packaging


Blister packaging provides a hard plastic enclosure that encases your product by individual pieces or by dosage. Depending on size, each Blister sheet can hold up to a certain amount of capsules/tablets. A box (outer packaging) may be needed to contain the sheets, which we can help you create through our Design Department.


Looking for more ways to make your product more recognizable? The foil backing of blisters are a good place to print your product's logo or name! Seeing the logo/name on the foil backing is also useful for customers who take dosages with them while they're on-the-go. For more information on our Blister Packaging or Foil-Printing services, contact us! Our representatives will be happy to answer your questions.

Tea Bags

If the tablets and pills aren't what you are searching for, we also offer the service of packaging your idea as a tea. Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Aromatic and prepared from cured leaves, tea not only makes your formula more natural and easy to digest, but the body also absorbs the herbs quicker than many other methods. The paper of tea bags act as a filter, allowing hot water to draw out the flavor and nutrients from the tea while keeping the leaves and herbs contained within the bag.


Final Touches

We guarantee excellent quality and customer service! To provide you with the highest quality dietary supplements, final products are thoroughly inspected for imperfections before they are sent out. Our professional staff double checks and confirms all label designs for any graphical errors, spelling mistakes, or missing information before they are printed and applied to the product packaging.


The finished products are boxed into cases and handled with care to ensure that they are protected during transit. When ready, your final product will be shipped to you, or you may also schedule a pick up.


Getting started is easy! Just contact us for a Free Quote or let us know if you have any questions!

TCM Product inc. is here to help you create your supplement product!

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Other Packaging Options

To meet our customers' growing demands, our company offers a variety of ways to package your product. If the packaging option you are looking for is not listed here or if you have any other questions regarding any of our services, please contact us with your inquiry!

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