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Herbal Supplements

Benefits of Supplements

Herbs and minerals have been used for centuries for our natural, overall well-being. From teas to powdered formulas, dietary supplements are just as popular now as they were before! Herbal supplements encourage numerous health benefits such as: Increasing metabolism to encourage weight loss, boosting immunity to prevent illnesses, improving digestion, and more! While some may still question the benefits of these supplements, herbology has stood the test of time and continues to benefit the wellness of others just as it has done for ages.


How do you determine the quality of materials?

We obtain our herbs and minerals from Fair Trade Certified suppliers from all around the world. This allows us to obtain the highest quality ingredients for you from vendors who practice high standards in agricultural growth.

I have a special ingredient I want to get from a specific supplier; would you be able to work with them?

Of course! If you have a special ingredient that you acquire from a trusted supplier, TCM Product inc. will be more than happy to work with them to complete your product.

What does TCM Product Inc. do to formulate a supplement?

We calculate the amount of raw material that your formula will need to fulfill the amount of your order. The materials are then carefully weighed and grinded to be later tabletted or encapsulated.

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Reach out to us if you have any questions or to inquire about a quote, we have representatives who speak English, Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

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